About Us

59 Travel is a “one-stop travel shop” that provides free independent travellers (FITs) the ability to research and compare a wide-array of popular and unique activities in Australia.   Our professional staff has carefully selected the best things to do in our destinations. We are working closely with trusted tour and activity operators. 59 Travel makes it very easy for all travelers to get exactly what they want to do and discover things they didn’t even know. 59 Travel offers all travelers hundreds of travel experiences, from traditional tours to exciting x-sports. From coach tours to private experiences, outdoor activities, excursions, show tickets, city passes, day trips, multi-day excursions..., all available. Travelers can book everything from us. Moreover, if they are a spur-of-the-moment type, we do our best to let them book up to the last minute as well.   We want our clients feel like being with an insider wherever whenever they travel.